The Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC) at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada is looking for a software developer interested in working in an academic environment on funded projects related to mapping and visualization of stories and knowledge. The GCRC has numerous projects across a variety of disciplines but retains a special focus on the needs of people who have not typically seen their stories reflected on maps and in data visualizations. These include Indigenous communities, refugees, homeless, and victims of abuse. The selected candidate will work in a very stimulating environment under the guidance of a senior software developer, a systems architect, and in collaboration with research teams recognized world-wide for their groundbreaking work.

Strong personal skills and empathy required. Attention to detail and long term foresight are also very important to our processes.

As far as software development skills, this is what we work with:

Languages: JavaScript, Java

Markup: HTML, CSS

Version control: Git (Github), Subversion

No-SQL databases: CouchDB

SQL databases: Postgresql w/PostGIS

Build: Maven, Ant, Gradle

Interfaces: REST, web services, misc

Data: spatial data, (Geo)JSON, XML, SVG, CSV, RDF, NetCDF

Libraries: OpenLayers, D3, jQuery, ffmpeg

Approaches: MVC, Map/Reduce, Semantic Web, Open Source

Environments: Modern browsers, Eclipse, Android Studio, Ubuntu, Jetty, WebVR

Team development environment: Open Source, GitHub, RocketChat

We are flexible. Salary, hours/schedule/leave, and starting date are negotiable. We expect most work to be carried out in our lab on the (beautiful) Carleton University campus but we might make an exception for someone… exceptional.

For more details, please contact Amos Hayes via

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $65,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year


Software Developer – Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

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