We are seeking to employ a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to work specifically on a 5 year £2M Wellcome-funded project entitled “Developing cardiac electrophysiology models for drug safety studies” led by Dr Gary Mirams. The central aim of the project is to develop and improve cardiac electrophysiology models to the stage that they can be used for prediction of the risk of drug side effects on the heart when drugs are given to patients.

Dr Mirams’ group develops software, infrastructure and standards for cardiac electrophysiology simulations and reproducible mathematical model development (a well-defined process for the derivation of the models from experimental data). The group applies these approaches to study pharmaceutical drugs’ interactions with the heart’s electrical activity, researches new techniques and provides tools for industrial safety pharmacologists to run such cardiac electrophysiology simulations to assess safety during drug development. The RSE will work closely with Dr Mirams and a team of postdoctoral researchers in Mathematical Sciences, as well as experimental and industrial collaborators.

We are looking for a Research Software Engineer with skills in modern C++, web applications/server management/security and cloud computing with containerisation. Applicants will also have experience producing open, collaborative, team coding. Some of the software we will work with includes Chaste – a large C++ library for computational physiology, CellML – the mark-up language we use to share electrophysiology models on www.cellml.org, ApPredict – a Chaste-based simulator and web portal for pharmaceutical users, and the Modelling Web Lab – a new web-based tool to compare models against data and track/reproduce the process of model development.

This is a full time, permanent position, however the funding that support the post remain fixed term until 31 January 2024. Job share arrangements may be considered.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Tom Giles, email tom.giles@nottingham.ac.uk. Please note that applications sent directly to this email address will not be accepted. Interviews for this post are expected to be held on 15 March 2019.

For more information about this exciting new opportunity, see our dedicated http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/Jobs/CurrentVacancies/Digital-Research-Service/Home.aspx

Our University has always been a supportive, inclusive, caring and positive community. We warmly welcome those of different cultures, ethnicities and beliefs – indeed this very diversity is vital to our success, it is fundamental to our values and enriches life on campus. We welcome applications from UK, Europe and from across the globe. For more information on the support we offer our international colleagues, visit; https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/jobs/applyingfromoverseas/index2.aspx

Research Software Engineer – University of Nottingham (Wellcome-funded project)


RSE Network Coordinator, RSE Confererence Logistics co-Chair, Sponsorship Chair, based at the University of Southampton.

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