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The spreadsheet has continually evolved to remain at the forefront of productivity tools and work practices for over forty years. For example, today’s spreadsheets embrace collaboration, serve as databases, are mobile, and encompass AI-powered interaction via natural language. 

However, the soul of the spreadsheet remains the grid, and its formulas. Indeed, spreadsheets are the world’s most widely-used programming technology – but they also embody apparently-fundamental limitations. We are working on foundational ideas that will take a qualitative step forward, to extend dramatically the reach of what end users can do with spreadsheets. 

The Calc Intelligence team at Microsoft Research Cambridge is seeking applications from highly motivated and self-driven research software engineers interested to work on re-designing end-user programming, including spreadsheets, for the modern web. Qualified applicants should be interested in learning new technologies and have a passion for applying latest research to solve real-world problems to impact millions of users. You enjoy working as part of a collaborative inter-disciplinary team and are willing to continuously update your knowledge and skills.  


  • Design, implement, test, and evaluate components of a web-based functional programming system 
  • Work within an interdisciplinary team 


Candidates must have: 

  • Post-graduate and/or equivalent industry experience in a mathematical area (Engineering, Computer Science, Maths or Physics)  
  • Strong interest and knowledge of: programming languages, web technologies, concurrency, functional-first programming, data structures and algorithms (at least 3 out of 5, plus excited to learn the rest) 
  • Strong software design and implementation skills: JavaScript (ideally TypeScript), C++ 

 Desirable additional skills: 

  • Knowledge of: C#, Python, Excel formulas, functional programming (F#, Haskell) 
  • Development tools: Node.js, Visual Studio Code, NPM, Rush, Jest, Git, browser developer tools, Visual Studio 
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and execute through publications, patents or product shipments in any one application area 
  • A few years of demonstrated real-world software development experience that has led to an area of specialization within engineering such as scaling, optimization, distributed systems design etc 
Research Software Engineer (Typescript) – Microsoft Research Cambridge


RSE Network Coordinator, RSE Confererence Logistics co-Chair, Sponsorship Chair, based at the University of Southampton.

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