We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoc to join our research group in the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility at the University of Manchester to work on algorithms for image reconstruction in spectral computed tomography, please see details below.

Research Associate: A Reconstruction Toolkit for Multichannel CT

The goal of this EPSRC funded research project is to develop a new Reconstruction Toolkit for Multi-channel Computer Tomography (RT-MCT). The purpose is to provide novel functionality for reconstructing multi-spectral tomographic datasets. A key goal of this programme will be to find iterative solutions and optimisation strategies to improve robustness of multi-spectral image reconstruction towards low dose imaging, under-sampled projections and various artefacts.

You will be expected to develop mathematical models of data generation in X-ray CT then use these to devise algorithms to recover images in the most efficient and reliable way. You would be expected to implement this and adapt it to the specific computing
architectures available. You will also deploy RT-MCT into operation at our collaborating facilities, which will involve adapting it to the individual data requirements and educating facility and staff and users. Also you will assist with the supervision of research
students, produce reports and presentations for project meetings, as well as writing manuscripts for publication.

Further information can be found at:

Further information can be found at:

Informal enquires can be made to:
Dr Martin Turner, martin.turner@manchester.ac.uk

Closing date: 21 August 2018

Postdoc in Algorithms for Spectral Tomography at University of Manchester, UK

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