Cisco Meraki is looking for talented engineers to extend the Backend Infrastructure team at our Finsbury Square office in London. We are a group of passionate and engaged engineers who take ownership of our projects and have pride in the work we do. Our company offers a positive and flexible working environment and a culture that values diversity. Perks include free catered food, company sponsored off-site events, generous benefits, pension contributions, and access to excellent training programs. Please get in touch with us here!

Meraki was founded in 2006 by 3 engineers in the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group at MIT. Their research project, Roofnet, explored large scale mesh networking and became the technology that revolutionized the way that enterprise IT is delivered to companies small and large alike. In the 10 years since, we’ve built the entire stack from the physical gear like wireless access points, switches, and firewalls up to the cloud-hosted service that configures and monitors the millions of devices our customers have deployed around the world.

Acquired by Cisco Systems in 2012, our work at Meraki continues to push the  boundaries of cloud networking technology. We’ve built innovative marketing integrations for small, local chains like Philz Coffee, developed the sophisticated visualizations needed to manage large, campus-scale networks for the Oakland Unified School District, and connected humanitarian organizations like NetHope to reliable internet access when they needed it most.

Interested in joining our team? We’d love to learn more about you!

Deadline – We are soliciting applicants until we get the team built out to where we want it, which will probably take more than a year (to January 2018).

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Cisco Meraki – Site Reliability Engineer


RSE Network Coordinator, RSE Confererence Logistics co-Chair, Sponsorship Chair, based at the University of Southampton.

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