The deadline for applications for this is Sunday 4 August 2019, at midnight BST.

We are seeking an outstanding candidate to provide technical leadership for the British Library Labs (BL Labs). BL Labs enables researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators and other innovators to work with large scale digital collections and data. The Labs has gained a strong international profile since its founding in 2013 and plays a key role in the British Library’s strategy to drive forward digital research and scholarship. It has supported over 150 projects and made digital content and data openly available to inspire many more.

You will work with researchers to formulate and carry out innovative and inspiring experiments often with large scale content and data ranging from ancient digitised manuscripts to today’s UK web space. You will delight in learning about the challenges in a wide range of disciplines as you engage with historians, social scientists, data scientists, computational linguists, other research software engineers and more to help co-design and implement solutions. Your work will identify patterns and practices to make working with our data and collections more efficient, and design ways to make them repeatable and so that they can be integrated into everyday workflows at the Library.

You will be a creative, agile, technical and analytical problem solver. You will have a strong background in computing with experience and passion for learning and applying methods including text and data mining, visualisation, natural language processing, image analysis, machine learning, data wrangling. You will get value from seeing methods and data packaged so that researchers can use them.

You will know how to deliver projects on time, are an excellent communicator and a generous team worker. You will value the opportunity to share your expertise through presentations and training events throughout the UK and internationally.

This is an excellent opportunity to be working for a world-leading organisation which is carrying out ground-breaking research in Digital Scholarship.

The job description is available here.

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British Library Labs Technical Lead


RSE Network Coordinator, RSE Confererence Logistics co-Chair, Sponsorship Chair, based at the University of Southampton.

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