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Location UK-Bristol
Other Location UK / Germany / Switzerland
Position Type Full-Time
Description Description
Cray has an opening for a position as an Applications and Benchmarking Engineer in the Cray EMEA Applications Group. This position involves working with High Performance Computing (HPC) applications running on Cray systems and performing the work required to support Cray’s sales and marketing activities.
Cray is seeking both junior level and more experienced candidates for consideration.
The work location will preferably be at the Cray EMEA office in Bristol (UK) or Basel (Switzerland), but we are open to consider other locations in case of particularly interesting candidates.
Cray employees will partner with some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the high performance computer industry who help our customers solve the most demanding, most crucial computing problems on the planet.
The successful candidate will work on projects driven by the European HPC scientific and industrial community.
Projects could involve: running benchmarks for customer procurements, improving application performance on customer systems, porting and optimizing applications to new architectures.
A typical project requires gathering performance data for new hardware and software configurations, analyzing and optimizing the performance of applications, or working to understand the performance of HPC algorithms on various architectures that include CPU processors and accelerators.
The successful candidate will be able to:
• Join a thriving, high tech, team environment
• Collaborate with experienced members of the EMEA Applications Group
• Work with state-of-the-art applications from the major European HPC centers
• Get early access to the most powerful HPC systems in the world and contribute to their design and features
• Evaluate application performance, identify and solve bottlenecks and implement improvements
• Troubleshoot application and platform-related issues
Cray employees are expected to maintain quality standards while meeting schedules.
Requirements • Experience with HPC applications
• Knowledge of molecular dynamics/material science codes (VASP, GROMACS, QuantumEspresso, CP2K, NAMD) is a plus
• Excellent problem-solving skills and analytical ability
• Strong competence on Fortran, C, C++, MPI, OpenMP, python, programming
• Solid experience on GPU programming (CUDA, OpenACC, OpenMP)
• Deep understanding of the issues affecting HPC application performance
• Familiarity with Linux, bash and python programming
• The ability to quickly learn new skills
Benchmarking and Applications Performance Engineer – Cray Inc.

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