The Swansea Academy of Advanced Computing (SA2C) comprises a team of six RSEs and two systems specialists. Founded in October 2017, the aim of SA2C is to provide support to Swansea University’s research community, enabling them to make optimal and efficient use of all available HPC computing resources. SA2C is the delivery vehicle for Swansea University’s component of the Supercomputing Wales project. Enquiries can be directed to



June 2017

£ 3.5 Millions Supercomputing Grant Awarded to Mathematics Professor

As the Swansea Principal investigator of Supercomputing Wales, Prof. Biagio Lucini, Head of Mathematics, has been awarded by the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) a grant of £3.5M to further develop and sustain High Performance Computing research activities at Swansea University.

Supercomputing Wales is a strategic programme of investment in Higher Education intended to change the way supercomputer facilities are used to support research activities in Wales. The programme is a collaboration involving Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea Universities, and the company HPC Wales Ltd.

With an estimated total cost of close to £15M, the programme will fund the purchase and running of new High Performance Computing equipment, along with necessary technical posts to support the operation of the equipment. The programme will also support a new cohort of ‘Research Software Engineers’ to work with academic researchers to develop software codes and algorithms using the supercomputing facilities.

“Supercomputing Wales will radically advance computationally intensive research projects at Swansea”, says Prof. Lucini. “It will enable researchers at our Institution to use state of the art high performance computational resources and benefit from the expertise of six Research Software Engineers. This will allow us to gain a competitive edge in research activities that rely heavily on the capacity and the capabilities of a modern supercomputing ecosystem. This grant is the first step towards the establishment of an Academy for Advanced Computing that will put Swansea at the forefront of Data Intensive Science for what concerns both techniques and applications.”