Big Science, Big Data, Big Compute

The Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is one of  Europe’s largest multidisciplinary research organisations.  It provides for the research needs of UK academia and industry by number of facilities.  Two of those stand out for holding large RSE communities.

The Scientific Computing Department (SCD) provides UK academia with large-scale high performance computing (HPC) facilities and modelling software, as well as computing data services and infrastructure.  The Department includes world-leading experts in computational chemistry, computational physics, computational biology, computational engineering, software engineering, data services and petascale storage, visualisation and many other disciplines.  The Department provides stewardship to a number of CCP and HEC consortia by leading the development of a number of computational modelling projects.

The Scientific Computing Department provides large scale HPC facilities, computing data services and infrastructure at both STFC Daresbury Laboratory (DL) and STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL).

The Hartree Centre (HC), based at Daresbury Laboratory, caters for the compute and data intensive modelling needs of the UK industry.   The most prominent industry projects are the formulation and pharmaceutical areas (Unilever, GSK, Infineum, Pfizer) and involve experts form the Computational Chemistry and Computational Biology groups at the SCD.  The Hartree Centre also provides for research in the area of  machine learning and energy efficient computing together with a number of industrial partners such as IBM, INTEL and NVIDA.