The Research Software Engineering Initiative at Sheffield is a community driven group led by EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellows Dr Paul Richmond and Dr Mike Croucher. The group consists of a community of self identified research software engineers embedded within a broad spectrum of disciplines across the University of Sheffield.

The group will be appointing permanent members of staff to work alongside Dr Richmond and Dr Croucher who will work collaboratively with The University of Sheffield and the broader national research community to deliver advances in research software.

The complementary expertise of these two RSE fellows allows the group to provide support for the full spectrum of scientific computing activities – from small scripts run on laptops through to large scale computations employing accelerator technology and High Performance Computing systems.

The group is partnered with leading industrial and academic organisations including The Software Sustainability Institute, The University of Manchester, UCL, University of Bradford, The University of Oxford, Microsoft Research, Dassault Systèmes, Wolfram Research, Mathworks, NVIDIA, Intel, OCF, The N8 Research Partnership, Maplesoft, The Transport Systems Catapult, OpenDreamKit, ARCHER, EPCC, ACRC and NAG.

Locally, the group collaborates closely with complementary groups at The University of Sheffield such as Corporate Information and Compute Services (CiCS) Research Support Group, the Open Data Science Initiative, GPUComputing@Sheffield and individual research groups.

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