The UK RSE Association can help match up RSEs who want to get further involved in the movement with opportunities of various sorts.

Representation in decision making

Sometimes an RSE perspective is needed on  project/funding boards, interview panels or committees. We can help identify RSEs with the right experience.


We know about quite a few RSEs who are great speakers – the job involves at least as much communication as programming in many cases. We can help you find speakers and panel members for your event and support RSEs who are new to public speaking.


We run workshops as part of our annual conference giving RSEs the chance to get hands on experience with new technologies or techniques. We can publicise local training workshops and there may be some funding to help with travel costs available. If you would like to run a workshop we’d be happy to discuss your ideas at any point in the year.

Help and informal consultancy

Our Slack team is a great place to find people with experience in all aspects of RSE work.