Joining UK RSE

The UK RSE Association was an informal organisation that helped grow the RSE community from a handful of people to a popular international movement. To continue to grow, we needed to formalise the organisation so that we could hold our own funds and employ staff. For this reason, the UK RSE Association committee set up the Society of Research Software Engineering. This new charity, which is the learned society for RSEs, has taken on the role of leading the RSE movement.

You can now join the Society of Research Software Engineering as a member. You can also sign up for email alerts, similar to the mailing list of the UK RSE Association.

Once membership has transferred to the Society of Research Software Engineering, the UK RSE Association will be retired. We thank everyone who has been a member of the Association for helping us achieve this important step in the community’s maturation.

The Society has taken on the leadership of the Slack group and Twitter account discussed below.

Note: to unsubscribe from the UK RSE mailing list, send a blank e-mail to the address “” with the subject line “unsubscribe researchsoftwareengineers” (without quotation marks). No archive is kept of old messages.

Communication options

Once you have joined, there are several options for getting involved with the dynamic and friendly Research Software Engineering community:

Join the discussion

  • Take part in discussion in the UKRSE Slack Group. To join, use the link in the sidebar on the right.
  • Follow us on Twitter

Announce something to the whole community

Contact the organisers