The aims of the RSE webinar series are:

  • to promote the work of RSEs as widely as possible;
  • to highlight the contributions RSEs make to research;
  • to provide a forum for sharing of expertise and best practise;
  • to allow RSEs to continue to develop their skills.

We expect the webinar series to cover a broad range of topics of interest to the the RSE community (and beyond) but some ideas for subjects could be:

  • describing a project you have undertaken and the impact on research;
  • introducing a new tool or technique you have used;
  • covering an issue or topic that is relevant to RSEs and their careers;
  • summarising something interesting you have learned recently (e.g. from a conference or meeting).

Please note that webinar proposals that have a marketing bias will not be allowed in this series.

We will try to schedule webinars in the regular slot of 1pm UK time on Wednesdays with the frequency determined by how many people offer to present. It may not be possible to always use this particular time and day due to speaker availability and time zone location; and we aim to be flexible to allow anyone who wishes to present to be able to. All webinars will be recorded, made available on YouTube and linked from the webinar page on the UK-RSE website.

The maximum length of webinar sessions is 50 minutes and we would expect presentations to last between 15-30 minutes to leave plenty of time for discussion afterwards.

Webinar presenters need no special technology or facilities, you can present from your laptop/workstation as long as it has an internet connection and a microphone. We will arrange technology tests ahead of the live session to give speakers the confidence that their webinar will work properly.

If you are interested in presenting a webinar in the series then please contact us at and we will try to find a time and date that suits you.