The UK Atomic Energy Authority is based at Culham in Oxfordshire and is a research and technology organisation sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Its fusion research arm, CCFE, operates the JET and MAST tokamak experiments and is active in many aspects of fusion theory, modelling, technology development and experimentation. New facilities for robotics and materials research have recently opened.

The Data and Coding team consists of seven software engineers and is part of the CODAS & IT department which provides control and data acquisition systems, software and data management for JET as well as IT services for the whole organisation. This is a longstanding team of RSEs with a mixture of backgrounds and levels of experience.

We develop, maintain and support the data systems and tools for the JET experiment covering the data pipeline from raw data to high-level analysis and visualisation. This involves everything from debugging decades-old Fortran to building modern web services and visualisation tools. We get involved in software projects alongside researchers and engineers, providing informal consultancy and development effort. Most work is done as part of our core remit but development time on other people’s projects is charged to the relevant internal budget. We also have a role in promoting good software engineering practices via training, guidance, policy input, community building and hands-on help.

The Data and Coding team is led by Alys Brett.