Workshops can be on any topic of interest to the Research Software Engineering community or in line with the Conference themes. If you want inspiration, please take a look at the workshops from last year or our set of suggested conference themes on the participation overview page.

The workshop day is divided into four 90 minute sessions, each of which has four parallel workshops. Please see the indicative conference timetable for timings. An individual workshop may constitute one or two 90 minute sessions, thus making it a 90 minute or 180 minute workshop.

Workshops should be focused on skills development. They should be engaging and provide hands-on opportunities for the attendees perhaps containing a mix of traditional lectures and practicals. The objective is to raise awareness and develop skills of the audience about a software tool, library, language etc. of relevance for the Research Software Engineering community. Ideally, workshops should provide enough detail to enable the audience to develop themselves in their own time after the conference. Note that the audience is expected to follow-along live using their own laptop, which will be used for practicals. As such, a Cloud Virtual Machine or Jupyter Notebook will be provided for the attendees, containing all the necessary material for the workshop.

Workshops will run in four parallel sessions with attendees choosing which to attend via the conference app. To help attendees choose sessions that interest them, you must upload all materials to the conference app by the 9th August.

To submit a workshop, please FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Resources and accessibility needs

If you require particular resources for your talk, walkthrough or panel (e.g. if you have particular requirements re. network bandwidth or firewall exceptions) then please indicate this in the submission. Similarly please let us know any accessibility needs in the submission too.

Please upload all materials for walkthroughs to GitHub, dockerhub etc. so that they can be easily loaded into the Cloud Sponsor’s infrastructure. If you have a particular reason why you can’t use the Cloud Sponsor’s infrastructure please indicate this in your submission. Workshops run by other sponsors are welcome to use their own services for the delivery of their workshop if they so choose.

Wider dissemination after the conference

We are committed to an open conference, with all materials available publicly before, during and after the event. As indicated above, all notebooks, virtual machines, slides and related information about your workshop must be uploaded to the conference app by the stated dates. After the conference they will be archived and made available permanently via the conference website. Please do not submit proposals for workshops which cannot be openly published in this manner.

Planning your submission

When submitting your proposal for a workshop, you will need to specify the following details:

Title and abstract

The abstract should be relatively brief and attention-grabbing rather than an exhaustive explanation of the material you wish to cover. Both the title and the abstract will be published on the conference website as soon as your proposal has been accepted.


Please indicate whether you would like either 90 or 180 minutes. In rare cases the committee may ask you to run your workshop at the other length to your submission.


Would your target audience be required to have any prerequisite skills/background knowledge e.g. knowledge of a particular language?

In which field would the topic of your workshop be primarily used, and what for? Are there any fields which would benefit from using it that don’t at the moment?


Will you be using Jupyter Notebooks, docker containers, virtual machines, etc? How will you specify your requirements for these (e.g. uploaded to dockerhub, scripts on GitHub, a list of packages to install etc.)


How will your attendees benefit from your session? What do you expect them to gain/learn?


Have you thought about how accessible your session will be to the entire diverse audience of the conference? How will you ensure that all text is sized so that it is fully legible to everyone, or how will you ensure that colours are chosen so that all graphics are easily understandable? Note we will provide microphones for all speakers and panellists, and will review uploaded material before the conference to provide advice.


How will you attract a broad and diverse audience for your session? We will provide help by providing easily-tweetable and shareable links to your session (including all uploaded material), as well as a live view of how many people have indicated they will attend. Who would you share these links with? Who are the communities that would be interested in what you will present?


We are happy to provide mentors who can help you put together your session. Mentors can help by reviewing draft slides, listening to a rehearsal, providing advice on making material engaging etc. Mentors can also help you to create your Virtual Machine, notebook etc. in such a way as it can be uploaded and used in the Cloud Sponsor’s cloud services.

If you would like help from a mentor then please indicate this in your submission.

Co-presenting or helping

Please inform us if you are planning to share the session together with a co-presenter or helper. We are happy to provide help in finding helpers in case this is required.


All materials uploaded and generated for this workshop will be published on the conference app and website will be shared under a CCBY license.

How to submit a proposal?

Just a short form

The initial application is via this simple form

Example proposal

To help you participate in the conference, we have written an Example workshop proposal.