During this year’s RSE Conference UK, we are pleased to announce a plenary session titled:
‘RSE Worldwide: Sharing across borders’. This high profile plenary session is intended for all conference attendees.

Typically, geographic boundaries, both national and regional, can present barriers to communication and hinder the transfer of knowledge. However, RSE cuts across community and discipline borders, and covers many aspects of the research lifecycle. And so, it is very important to stimulate such knowledge transfer across these boundaries and borders.

Therefore, in this plenary session, we aim to promote the sharing of best practice in research software engineering across the various borders. In addition, we wish to prompt a discussion within selected domains about current issues and potential solutions, both during this session and hopefully afterwards on our communication channels, such as the RSE Slack workspace.

Note that this is the only major plenary session in the conference open to contributions, so your lightning talk presentation and participation as panel member will have maximum impact on the conference attendees!

The plenary session will be divided into three sections: a invited talk by a representative of the Research Software Alliance (ReSA), a set of 5 minute lightning talks, and a panel discussion.


The following is an indicative agenda for the session on DAY 1.

4.45pm – Intro from RSE Worldwide chairs
4.50pm – Invited Talk
5.15pm – Lightning Talks
5.40pm – Panel Q&A including invited speaker and all lightning talk speakers
6.00pm – End


The session co-chairs would like to invite proposals for the lightning talk section of this session. All lightning talk presenters will be invited to participate in the plenary Q&A as part of the panel discussion.

To submit a proposal to participate in the RSE Worldwide plenary session, please FOLLOW THIS LINK

Resources and accessibility needs

If you require particular resources for your lightning talk then please indicate this in the submission. Similarly please let us know any accessibility needs in the submission too.

Wider dissemination after the conference

We are committed to an open conference, with all materials available publicly before, during and after the event. As indicated above, all slides and related information about your talk must be uploaded to the conference app by the 27th August. After the conference they will be archived and made available permanently via the conference website. Please do not submit proposals for lightning talks which cannot be openly published in this manner.

Planning your submission

When submitting your proposal for a lightning talk for RSE Worldwide, you will need to specify the following details:

Title and abstract

The abstract should be relatively brief and attention-grabbing rather than an exhaustive explanation of the material you wish to cover. Both the topic and the abstract will be published on the conference website as soon as your proposal has been accepted.

  • The abstract should be of no more than three paragraphs and outline the following:
  • A brief description of the domain.
  • The authors involvement in this domain.

Some of the best practices and existing roadblocks in this domain and a short outline of your presentation. The desired scope is kept broad on purpose. As demonstrated by the non-exhaustive list of valid domains below.

  • RSE sub-communities: Women in RSE, DevOps, Software Engineers, etc.
  • RSE in any research discipline: from Astronomy to Zoology.
  • RSE in the research lifecycle: Data Management, Data Science, Computation, Visualisation, Pre-publication, Post-
    publication, etc.

Proposals will be selected to promote a broad discussion amongst the RSE community.


How will your attendees benefit from your talk? What do you expect them to gain/learn?


We are happy to provide mentors who can help you put together your lightning talk and give advice about sitting on a panel. Mentors can help by listening to a talk rehearsal, providing advice on making material engaging etc. If you would like help from a mentor then please indicate this in your submission.


All materials uploaded for this lightning talk and panel session will be published on the conference app and website will be shared under a CCBY license.

How to submit a proposal

Just a short form

The initial application is via this simple form

Example proposal

To help you participate in the conference, we have written an Example RSE Worldwide lightning talk proposal.