If you believe that someone is violating the Code of Conduct, please report this incident immediately. Code of Conduct violations reduce the value of the community for everyone. The committee takes reports of misconduct very seriously and is committed to preserving and maintaining the welcoming nature of our community. Your concern will be heard in confidence, taken seriously, and dealt with according to a documented procedure for handling Code of Conduct Incidents.

All reports will be kept confidential with details shared only with the Code of Conduct committee members. In the case that a CoC committee member is involved in a report, the member will be asked to recuse themselves from ongoing conversations, and they will not have access to reports after the enforcement decision has been made.

Any violations to the Code of Conduct during the RSE conference events should be immediately reported to the incident response team.  For this purpose we have the following mechanisms:

  • Anonymous Code of Conduct hotline: SMS or voice call to +44 7520 631869 (reporter’s phone number will be kept private in any further conversations and no data will be saved after the conference, this will only be available during the conference)
  • Emailing rse2019@rse.ac.uk
  • In-person to a member of the response committee (wearing a coral t-shirt).

Direct links to the Code of Conduct, reporting phone number and email are located in https://conducthotline.com/e/rse 

Abuse of the Code of Conduct hotline will be treated as a Code of Conduct violation and dealt with accordingly and with the highest importance. Our online platforms (Twitter, Sched,  and Slack) will be equally monitored by the committee to ensure the Code of Conduct is observed at all times. 

When reporting the incident, try to gather as much information as possible. An incident responder can assist you in writing the report of collecting information. Please do not interview people about the incident, but leave this to the incident responders. 

The important information consists of:

  • identifying information about the individuals involved
  • the nature of the problematic behaviour
  • the approximate time of the behaviour
  • the circumstances surrounding the incident

Incident responders will be well-briefed on how to deal with incident reports, and on how to further proceed with the situation. See these guidelines for more information.

Committee members will be happy to help participants contact venue security or the police, provide escorts, or otherwise assist attendees.

We will also provide you with a written statement of the outcome, whatever it is.


This document was last revised on 9th September 2019