Delivering the conference is immensely rewarding!

RSE18 Committee smiles after a successful conference.

Apply to join RSE19 committee (by Friday 30th November)


Following in the well trodden footsteps of the past conferences, the committee is made up of volunteers who give their time and effort from January 2019 through to October 2019. You don’t have to be an RSE or in the UK to join. You don’t need experience in organising a conference as guidance will be given at all stages. We care that you are willing to volunteer to the RSE cause and help us ensure that RSE19 is an amazing experience for the community.

On the committee, three roles will create the Steering group: Programme co-Chair, Logistics co-Chair and Sponsor Chair. The committee will be split into two sub-committee groups, Logistics and Programme. The Programme sub-committee group will be lead by Andrew Edmondson, RSE Leader at the University of Birmingham in the role of Programme co-Chair and the Logistics sub-committee group will be lead by Claire Wyatt, RSE Network Coordinator from the University of Southampton in the role of Logistics co-Chair. See this diagram for the structure.

The Perks

You get free entry into the conference and evening social events and we have, in the past, been able to arrange for committee members to go to the talks and workshops of their choice.  There will be bursaries available that you can apply for which can be used for travel and subsistence, that are only available to volunteers. You will help to shape the conference format and programme and be encouraged to put forward your ideas – you won’t just be a worker-bee!

The Commitment

One hour every fortnight on skype (or whatever video conference software works for most people) in your sub-committee group from the beginning of January.  You may need to work an additional hour on your tasks between meetings. The time needed will vary from month to month, with possibly more time needed the nearer we get to the conference.

From the 1st July, both sub committee groups meet together once a week for one hour, on video conference software. You would be expected to attend these meetings as much as possible, giving your apologies and an update on your actions/area in advance to the chair if you cannot attend.  You will be given access to the shared google drive to read and edit all the relevant information on the conference.

Before the conference, we would ask that you arrive the night before to help with all the set up tasks and on the first conference morning, arrive early. During the conference, you would be ensuring that everything is going smoothly in your chosen area and helping out other committee members where needed.

The Available Roles

Diversity Chair

International Meeting Chair

Poster Session Chair

Publicity Chair

Sponsorship Chair

Talk Chair

Talk team member (2 positions)


Volunteer Chair

Website Chair

Workshop Chair

Workshop team member (2 Positions)