The bursary amount is £250 per person. The expense claim form will be available to collect on the second day from 3pm onwards at the registration table.  Claim Forms must be supported by original itemised receipts wherever the supplier can reasonably be expected to provide one. The receipts must be stapled to the back of the claim form, in the order listed on the form and must be numbered. The numbering should be reflected against each item on the claim form.  To convert currency into GBP, you must use .

The declaration on the expenses claim form must be signed and dated by the claimant and sent to:

Claire Wyatt – RSE Network Coordinator,
Building 32 Level 4 Room 4027 (Lab),
University of Southampton,
University Road,
SO17 1BJ

To verify that you have filled out the form correctly, you may send a copy in advance by email to Claire, The conference funds are part of a grant held at the University of Southampton so where ‘University’ is mentioned below, this refers to the University of Southampton.

Hotel Accommodation

The accommodation should be of modest status (no more than 3 star). Reimbursement will be made for the cost of the room and breakfast. Please note that items of a personal nature, such as alcoholic drinks, minibars in hotels, newspapers and dvd hire etc. will not be reimbursed by the University. Where these are included in the bill, the costs must be deducted by the claimant prior to the submission of the bill for reimbursement. The University will accept the cost of one short telephone call home per night provided the call is to a UK subscriber.  Please note no alcohol will be reimbursed.


All travel should be taken the cheapest way: standard class instead of first class travel, unless a valid reason and explanation is supplied.


The payment of air travel in the UK may be approved provided the overall cost does not exceed that of rail travel plus expenditure on meals unless the saving in travel time is very significant. To enable claims to be processed efficiently where possible the boarding pass should also be attached to the claim.  Airfares are reimbursed for economy class only. There are two exceptions to this: medical grounds (for which a GP letter must be provided) or if the flight is over 8 hours and upon landing the individual attends a business event, business class travel is allowed.


All employees should ensure that the most economical class of travel is used. In general this will be a standard class period return although employees are expected to investigate the possibility that day return tickets or ‘savers’ may be available at lower cost. If first or business class tickets are purchased, only reimbursement for the economy fare will be made, unless evidence of extenuating circumstances is submitted with the claim.


Full details of the journey, including date, time, reason for journey, starting point, destinations, should be shown on the expenses claim form.  Please clarify any differences between your journey to that given on the AA planner eg “Southampton to Portsmouth Guildhall via A27 as motorway was congested”. This will avoid any automatic reduction in mileage claimed on the expense form.

Calculate your mileage as follows: first 50 miles of any round trip, all engine sizes, 40p per mile.  All mileage in excess of this is payable at Public Transport rate of 23p per mile.

Use for checking mileage.  

  • Public Transport Allowance 23p per mile
  • Motor Cycle Allowance 15p per mile
  • Cycle Allowance 10p per mile

Hire Cars

Car hire is not reimbursed using mileage rates, receipts are required instead. Reimbursement of petrol will be made on production of original receipts.


The  University will only reimburse actual expenditure supported by original itemised receipts where the costs incurred are reasonable.  The University will reimburse a modest evening meal allowance of £25 including soft drinks. Please note no alcohol will be reimbursed.  Where any meals including drinks or snacks, are not taken in the hotel, separate original itemised restaurant receipts should be obtained.