NOTE: Calls for talks, posters and workshops have now closed


Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all types of submissions: talks, posters, and workshops.

Who should apply?

We welcome submissions from any and all people who have an interesting take on research software development, including:

  • Researchers at any career stage who develop software for research purposes
  • Software developers working in a research context, whatever their job title or field
  • Those interested in advancing the understanding of how best to use existing research software (e.g. with respect to scalability, performance and/or reproducibility)
  • People from any organisation providing tools, platforms or services that benefit research software.

We’re aiming for a well-balanced programme that includes a wide variety of perspectives to reflect the diversity of the RSE community and its activities. Last year we found that social sciences and humanities were under-represented so we’d particularly like to encourage speakers from those areas to apply. We are not just looking for seasoned presenters or people who are already well known. Thus speakers from under-represented backgrounds and at early career stages are highly encouraged to submit a proposal.

We will do our best to keep the submissions review  process as anonymous as possible and will not consider an author’s name and affiliation when evaluating a submission. Please aid us by not including identifying information in your submission unless absolutely necessary.

View the RSE2018 diversity statement

No travel funds?

The conference is funding 8 travel bursaries for students, early-career attendees and international attendees at up to £250 each. If you wish to apply for a travel bursary, please do so by the early submission deadline on the 9th of April.

Find out more about travel bursaries

First-time presenter?

We want you to present! It’s important that the program includes people who don’t normally publish papers or attend academic conferences, otherwise we’ll be missing whole sections of the RSE community.

It’s not intimidating! The emphasis of the conference is on learning from each other in a supportive atmosphere. Your perspective is welcome and this will be a great chance to start a wider discussion of issues you care about.

We can help! We can offer mentoring and other support with preparing your presentation. Please email us if you require advice or clarification before making a submission. We can offer one on one mentoring to help successful applicants prepare their talk, poster or workshop – just tick the box when submitting your proposal.

Guidance on Talks/Posters

Guidance on Workshops


We’re happy to talk through your ideas before you submit your proposal. Please email with ‘FAO talks/posters chairs’ or ‘FAO workshops chairs’ in the subject line.


  • 9th April – Early deadline for submissions (for people without travel budget to apply for bursaries)
  • 16 April – Notification about travel bursaries. People without travel budget may withdraw submission at this point
  • 30 April – Deadline for submissions (without application for travel bursary)
  • 24 May – Notification of acceptance
  • 9 July – Deadline for notifying organisers of special resources required for your talk/poster/workshop (e.g. network bandwidth requirements, firewall exceptions etc)