Letter of Invitation and Visa

In most cases a valid passport will be sufficient. However, visitors from outside the UK, outside the European Union (EU) and outside the European Economic Area (EEA) should check whether or not a visa is required. Moreover, visitors from central and eastern Europe should check whether or not special health insurance is required for receiving a visa. All insurance and visa costs must be borne by the participant.

Check if you need a UK visa. If you need a visa then a Standard Visitor visa should be sufficient for business, or to take part in events.

European Economic Area (EEA)

UK is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA is the area in which the Agreement on the EEA provides for the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital within the EU’s single market. The EEA includes EU countries and also Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Switzerland is neither an EU nor EEA member but is part of the single market – this means Swiss nationals have the same rights to work in the UK as other EEA nationals.

Letter of invitation for participation in the RSE Conference 2017

Participants who need to receive an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa, raise travel funds, or for administrative purposes should apply for this document early in advance. Requests received one or two months before the conference dates may not be processed by the embassies.

This invitation is not a commitment on the part of the organisers to provide financial support. The organiser cannot provide or sign any guarantee letters.

It should be understood that the organisers can only issue an invitation which includes the time of the conference plus the weekdays directly before and Saturday and Sunday directly after the conference. We understand that the late opening of registration means that you may need to make a request before registering. Please note that requesting a visa letter represents a commitment from you to register for the conference as soon as possible after registration opens. Your name will be added to a pre-registration list and we will monitor whether or not you have registered. If you no longer plan to attend the conference, or fail to register, then you must delete the visa letter. We will also proactively inform the relevant agencies in the UK of the list of visa letters that are no longer valid.

Request a letter of invitation.