The Center for Computational imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB) group based at the University of Sheffield performs cutting-edge research in areas of fundamental and applied biomedical imaging & modeling with impact in personalized minimally invasive therapies and active and healthy ageing. Our team has an international and interdisciplinary profile and has a strong commitment to clinical and industrial translation with impact in future healthcare.

The Scientific Software Development (SSD) team co-develop open source software such as GIMIAS – A general & domain-specific workflow oriented biomedical imaging software products and the VPH-DARE@IT platform – A scalable high-throughput research-as-service platform for large scale data storage and analytics using Cloud and High Performance computing. The SSD’s computational research and technology development activities are scientifically grounded in the areas of Computational Imaging & Physiology and Clinical & Biomedical Information Management and collaborates internationally with over 60 international partners and have been involved in over 25 RCUK and EC-funded projects.