We have a very inclusive definition of Research Software Engineer (which includes people who would probably never call themselves an engineer but, hey, we had to pick a term). If you suspect you might be one, or might like to become one, take a look at What is an RSE?

RSE Careers

Some Research Software Engineers start off as researchers who spend time developing software to progress their research. Because they enjoy this work and have invested in developing specialist skills, they continue to focus on software and its use in research. Others start off from a more conventional software-development background and are drawn to research by the challenge of using software to further research.

The attraction of being a Research Software Engineer is similar to that of being a researcher: the role attracts people who want to know how the world works. The Research Software Engineer works with researchers to gain an understanding of the problems they face, and then develops, maintains and extends software to provide the answers.

There are many benefits to being and RSE and satisfaction to be had from the work. However, there can sometimes be a lack of formal recognition for people whose contribution to research is through software rather than papers. We would like to help define a career structure with progression for RSEs and also showcase the variety of non-linear paths RSEs have taken in their careers.

We post job adverts for RSE roles on our Current Vacancies page.