Venue: Careys Manor, Brockenhurst

Main workshop room: Cedar Suite (also known as ‘Heather’)

Day 1:

09:30    Arrival, refreshments served in the Mulberry room (outside the Cedar Suite)

10:00    Welcome and introductions – Simon Hettrick

10:15    First 20 lightning talks – Rob Haines

10.35    Refreshments

11.00    Second 20 lightning talks – Rob Haines

11.20    How RSE Groups work. Talks from Rob Haines, Mark Woodbridge and Alys Brett

12:00    Lunch in the Cambium Restaurant

13.00    RSE career paths. Talks from Jonathan Cooper, Catherine Jones and Paul Richmond on their career and the career paths available in their groups.

14.00    Constructing a job description: practical session – Simon Hettrick

Introduction and group assignment.

14.20    Refreshments

14.45    After splitting into groups, you’ll be provided with a set of real RSE job descriptions and asked to construct a job description that describes the role. You will use the job description in the following session on hiring.

15.30    Hiring  – Alys Brett

Following a short presentation on hiring strategies and considerations, we will split into groups and discuss hiring with the established RSE leaders. You will be asked to develop interview strategies and questions based on the job description you developed.

16.00    Wrap up

17:00    Free Time & networking in the bar

18:30    Pre dinner Drinks in the hotel bar and lounge

19:00    Dinner in the Le Blaireau restaurant


Day 2:

09:30    Welcome Back – Simon Hettrick

09.35    Leading an RSE group. Talks from Mark Turner, Mark Woodbridge and James Hetherington.

10:30    Refreshments served in the Mulberry Room

11:00    How to justify the creation of an RSE Group. “Cost and value” by Christopher Woods. Stories from the frontline by Simon Hettrick and Mark Turner. “External funding” by Christopher Woods.

12:00    Lunch in the Cambium Restaurant and networking

13.00    Discussions with established RSE leaders – Christopher Woods

In this session, you’ll be given time with the established leaders to talk and ask questions. We’ll use a token system to ensure that the groups are kept small enough to allow for frank conversation. This is also a good time to build a relationship with people who can help mentor you in the future.

14:00    What support is missing? – Mark Turner and Owain Huw

In this session, we will split into groups and discuss the schemes, resources, support and anything else that the RSE community needs to support career development. We will use this list to help direct development of resources in the future.

14.30    Refreshments served in the Mulberry Room

15.00    Community building – Jonathan Cooper, Owain Huw

15.30    Q&A with all RSEs – Simon Hettrick

16.00   Wrap up and close