Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is a central resource available to any Oxford University researcher who needs high performance computing (HPC) from any Division or Department.  ARC is an IT Services facility operated in partnership with the Oxford e-Research Centre.

While we have a range of high performance computing (HPC) systems available ARC offers much more than just hardware. ARC users have access to full time support staff specialising in HPC hardware and software. Support is available to users throughout their research project.

ARC users have access to:

  • ARC compute facilities
  • User training
  • Systems Management Team
  • Scientific Computing Advisor
  • Research Facilitators to assist with funding applications

The Scientific Computing Advisor is able to advise on:

  • application installation and usage
  • development, optimization and debugging

ARC systems are particularly suitable for running applications which are parallel (or could be made parallel) and/or CPU intensive and/or use large amounts of memory.  There are also some serial applications on our systems.