The ACRC was founded in 2007 to provide advanced computing support to researchers across the University of Bristol. The ACRC sits between the academic faculties and IT Services. It exists to manage the University’s investment in HPC, provide access to supercomputers and secure storage platforms, and provide training, software support and consultancy.

With the award of the EPSRC RSE Fellowship, the ACRC are developing a Research Software Engineering team, comprising initially of Christopher Woods, a junior RSE and recruits to our Graduate Accelerator Programe (GAP). The GAP aims to place graduates with HPC experience (e.g. such as those from the University’s HPC Masters Course) within research groups to undertake software development projects. Together, we support research software development across Bristol via embedded RSE projects. These projects involve RSEs embedded for several months in the same labs as the researchers, providing co-coding, training and sustainability support for software developed in those labs. These complement training workshops we provide in programming and software carpentry. Early indications are that there is significant demand for embedded RSE projects, and we are exploring mechanisms by which these could be funded and the ACRC RSE team could be sustainably grown.