UKAEA is based at Culham near Oxford and we have many vacancies at the moment for software engineers to work on our nuclear fusion research and robotics programmes. Experience with large science experiments, control systems, data acquisition and data/computing infrastructure are particularly sought after but that’s not an exhaustive list. These jobs aren’t in my group but I am familiar with the teams and happy to discuss.

The vacancies page is here:

I can’t link to individual adverts (clearly no RSE wrote that web application) but I’ve described the three areas and mentioned the job title to search for within the page.

  • Our Remote Applications in Challenging Environments (RACE) facility needs many software engineers at various points in the research – engineering – software engineering space. Search for “Control Systems Software Engineer” and “RACE talent pool”


  • Another group in my department needs people to work on control and data acquisition systems for nuclear fusion experiments (primarily JET but also collaboration with MAST-U and ITER). Search for “Software/Control Engineer” and “Control/Software Engineer” for similar roles at two levels.


  • Finally, the advanced computing group are looking for a software engineer to work on projects exploring data infrastructure for future fusion experiments. Search for “Data Centric Computing Software Engineer” (the closing date for this one is 25th Jan).


UKAEA – Various positions available

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