Applied Mathematics Münster has an open position for a postdoc / research software engineer to work on a publicly funded project regarding the sustainable development of our model order reduction library pyMOR (

Projection-based model order reduction is a family of mathematical techniques to construct quickly computable, highly accurate surrogates for large equation systems arising from the discretization of ordinary or partial differential equations. These techniques, such as the Reduced Basis Method, have been successfully applied in numerous scientific and industrial applications. With pyMOR we develop a free Python library which allows to easily integrate model reduction algorithms with existing PDE solvers libraries running in HPC environments.

Main objective of the project is to establish pyMOR as an easily accessible tool for model order reduction in the wider scientific computing community and to ensure the sustainability of its further development. The work will include

– the development of tools for interactive cloud-based scientific


– the research and implementation of methodologies for unit testing in

scientific computing applications,

– supporting users to adopt pyMOR for their CSE applications, in

particular by extending pyMOR’s existing PDE solver bindings.

The work will be in close collaboration with our partners from the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg and our local computing center.

The position is full-time (TV-L 13) over a period of three years.

Applicants should have extensive experience with development of scientific computing codes (e.g. as part of a PhD project), knowledge of the SciPy ecosystem and a basic understanding of the finite element method. A master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, natural science or engineering is a further requirement.

Inquiries and applications can be addressed to Applications are possible until February 28, 2018.

Research Software engineer, Mathematics – University of Munster

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