Job Title: OpenFOAM Developer.

Location: Berkshire, UK.

Reporting to: Director of Engineering Operations, ESI-OpenCFD.


ESI-OpenCFD is dedicated to the development and deployment of OpenFOAM for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and provides consultancy services to customers using OpenFOAM, including code development, support, training, customisation, process integration and production/R&D CFD studies.
All professionals within ESI-OpenCFD require technical expertise in CFD and OpenFOAM, and in relevant areas of engineering and computer sciences.


  • Delivering OpenFOAM development projects to customers.
  • Writing technical specifications for development projects with OpenFOAM.
  • Undertaking developments to assist other ESI-OpenCFD staff with support services, e.g. process integration, simulation setup.
  • Assisting in maintenance, productions and release of OpenFOAM.
  • Delivering support to customers, e.g. to setup OpenFOAM simulations, select models, customise code, install OpenFOAM.


  • Requires a Bachelor/Masters degree in a relevant subject, e.g. engineering, physics, mathematics, computing.
  • Must have 2 or more years experience with CFD.
  • Experience with programming in OpenFOAM and C++ is essential.
  • Needs to demonstrate an interest in scientific programming, e.g. through software projects and published work.

Forward any questions to Fred Mendonca at:

OpenFOAM Developer – ESI-OpenCFD

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